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Our story


Every person is unique, and so is every piece of our product. We craft each and every one of our cases by hand.

That means each case is a little different. They’re individuals. Just like you.

Your phone case offers powerful protection against bumps and falls, the design layered on top of a durable, hard shell. It’s tough on the inside, and full of character in its style.

Our craftsmen fit the cover onto every one of our cases by hand, using leather-finishing techniques. This provides a perfect fit over a very functional case, and means each case has its quirks.

Our designs aren’t for everyone. Some of them are brash. Some are elegant. Some are playful. Some are tongue in cheek.

But we hope they’re for you. Our vision is for your phone case to be a special part of you, to represent your tastes, tell us a little bit about who you are. Make you feel good to carry this little part of your identity.

They’re unique. Just like you.